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The web's #1 trivia party is back again with another quarantine edition!

Social distancing doesn't mean you can't still be social!


Think you are the ultimate fan of this TV show?! PROVE IT!

Answer questions and compete against hundreds of other teams: live!


Trivia To Go is the top rated live stream trivia... On. The. Planet!

We combine 3 rounds of 15 questions with a team of presenters that offer fun for all in between rounds and after the show also!


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Date: Thursday June 18th

Time: 9:30pm Eastern Time

Event Duration: Approximately 75 mins


​Hosted online - live!


** We will also be using Zoom to link everybody on the night! **

This part is optional, but we HIGHLY recommend using the Zoom function! You don't need a Zoom account, and you don't need to enable your camera. You will get the best out of the night, as well as watch our presenters host the game live!


Tickets are only $4.99 for new teams, or $3.99 for repeat teams! (Repeat teams can key their email address into the coupon code section at checkout)


A great prize for the winner!  (We always give away great prizes!) Further giveaways and prizes for the top 10, as well as winners of our now famous:

Lightning round

Survivor Round

Best Costume Competition


​American, Canadian and UK fans are all welcome! You will be paid your prizes at you your local exchange rate conversion from USD


​SUPER IMPORTANT: The event link and invites to the trivia, Zoom and more will be sent to all ticket holders by email 45 mins before the event starts!


THIS EVENT MAY SELL OUT! Our events usually sell out! We have a very loyal army of trivia fans!



*Please Read the FAQ fully before purchasing*


Do we play as a team or can I play alone?

Either is fine! Around half of our 'teams' are individuals, the rest are made up of 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s or more! However: you will be sharing ONE device to answer the questions for this event. So, if you are not going to be in the same room as the rest of your team, it is possible if you choose a team captain to select your answers, but please be aware, there are only 20 seconds to answer, to prevent cheating. We recommend using Facetime or Google Hangouts to link with other team members that are not in your household.


How do we answer the questions?

Just make sure you have access to a modern tech device, as in a smartphone, tablet or computer. It's easier to use 2 devices, one to view Zoom and the other to answer questions on the website. Plenty of teams use just one device though.

After we purchase, how do we join the event?

You will receive an email around 45 mins before the event starts, which will have all the links, info and rules you need!


Is there an age limit to play?

Our events are open to all ages 18 and up. Parents are welcome to have their kids on their team, but should be aware that we cannot control content shared by participants on Zoom, and should keep this in mind if choosing to join the Zoom function and view the social media pages on the night.


What is Zoom, and how will it work?

Zoom is a cool video sharing platform, that allows people to host events and conferences, etc. You do NOT need a Zoom account to play: we will email all ticket holders the link shortly before the event begins, and you hop on!


We highly encourage all teams to utilize the Zoom video features to share their costumes, team colors, or themselves having a great time in general! However, this feature is OPTIONAL, it is not essential, and you can choose to just view other participants if you are shy or unable to have video.

The quality of the video will depend entirely on your CPU: we suggest laptops and computers for the Zoom video sharing. More info on Zoom can be found at:


How do we enter the costume competition?

Your event guide will show you how to enter our Facebook group and post them under the correct thread. Our online judges will contact you if you have won a prize. The judge's decisions are final, of course :)

See you there!

See you there!

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