'Schitt's Trivia'

(Season TWO)

weds july 15th

7pm est

6pm cdt

5pm mst

4pm pdt


This is a scaled-down, mini version of our world beating trivia shows, and a chance to brush up on your knowledge and familiarize yourselves with our trivia apps.

We will host 3 rounds of 10 questions.

There are only 20 seconds to answer, to prevent cheating.

You must have a ticket to play, which are only:
New Players: $2.99 + 50cent ticket fee

Repeat Players: $1.95 + 50cent ticket fee


The show will be hosted on both Zoom AND Instagram Live.

Both are optional, you can just play trivia if you like!

The questions can only be viewed and answered by ticket holders.

The Zoom is completely optional, and can only be viewed by ticket holders.  We will have some quick-fire trivia on the Zoom in between rounds, for some extra prizes! You must have your camera enabled on Zoom and mic.  

Join the Facebook group to view costumes and pics from previous events! (link below)

Event Duration: Approximately 60 mins

Have a question?! Full FAQ is below


There are only 20 seconds to answer, to prevent cheating.




Do we play as a team or can I play alone?

Either is fine! Around half of our 'teams' are individuals, the rest are made up of 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s or more! However: you will be sharing ONE device to answer the questions for this event. So, if you are not going to be in the same room as the rest of your team, it is possible if you choose a team captain to select your answers, but please be aware, there are only 20 seconds to answer, to prevent cheating. We recommend using Facetime or Google Hangouts to link with other team members that are not in your household.


How do we answer the questions?

Just make sure you have access to a modern tech device, as in a smartphone, tablet or computer. It's easier to use 2 devices, one to view Zoom and the other to answer questions on the website. Plenty of teams use just one device though.

After we purchase, how do we join the event?

You will receive an email around 45 mins before the event starts, which will have all the links, info and rules you need!


Is there an age limit to play?

Our events are open to all ages 18 and up. Parents are welcome to have their kids on their team, but should be aware that we cannot control content shared by participants on Zoom, and should keep this in mind if choosing to join the Zoom function and view the social media pages on the night.


What is Zoom, and how will it work?

Zoom is a cool video sharing platform, that allows people to host events and conferences, etc. You do NOT need a Zoom account to play: we will email all ticket holders the link shortly before the event begins, and you hop on!

We highly encourage all teams to utilize the Zoom video features to share their costumes, team colors, or themselves having a great time in general! However, this feature is OPTIONAL, it is not essential, and you can choose to just view other participants if you are shy or unable to have video.

The quality of the video will depend entirely on your CPU: we suggest laptops and computers for the Zoom video sharing. More info on Zoom can be found at:



See you there!